Case Studies

Professional Services Case Study #1

A large business management consultancy firm based in Melbourne finalised works under contract to a Sydney based company in September 2019. An invoice was submitted for payment in October 2019. Despite repeated requests and demands over the following 7 months, payment was not forthcoming.

Repaid Collections was engaged in late May 2020 to assist with the recovery of this large debt. By following our processes, we recovered the full amount due within 3 weeks.

Professional Services Case Study #2

An accountant was owed approx. $8,000 by a client. She continued to ignore him for over 12 months. The matter was sent to us for recovery. The debtor would not discuss the matter with us, however on conducting searches we discovered the home of the debtor had been sold and was due for settlement.

We used the services of a Field Agent who attended the nominated address and spoke to the debtor. We provided documentation to be given to the debtor outlining the debt and further action if the matter was not resolved at property settlement.

This action was enough for the debtor to agree to make payment in full on settlement of her property. The funds were dispersed to our client as part of the property settlement process.