What information do I need to provide if I am sending a debt across for collection? Will my information be safe? What is the usual debt collection process?

We provide a free phone consultation regarding the matter.  Sometimes there may be a meeting. (according to size and complexity of debt).  We discuss the history as to why the debt remains unpaid and discuss a strategy to collect the debt.

If you are a new client, we request all information be sent across to us electronically including any outstanding invoices, terms and conditions and any communication between the parties.

We require your bank account details as we prefer the debtor pays into our trust account.  That way we can monitor expected payments.  As we do banking every Tuesday and Friday we can then deduct our agreed commission and remit the balance of the funds to you.

Our systems are backed up and information is stored in the cloud and also off site.  A copy of the Certificate of Compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for the Provision of Secure Data Centre Facilities is available on request.

Our usual debt collection process consists of 3 letters that escalate in intensity and the final letter is a complimentary legal letter of demand.  These are teamed with phone calls to resolve the matter. If the debt remains unpaid, we discuss a sensible strategy to escalate the matter. It may mean taking legal action with our associated law firms.