Process Review

From onboarding your client to receipt of payment

Credit Management

The importance of knowing your clients and best practice to facilitate on time payments

Credit Reports

Where to find independent information about your clients' credit history

Terms and Conditions

Your engagement paperwork to mitigate risk

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions from our clients

What we offer

Business Credit Solutions and Repaid! Collections offer a premium product and solution for all businesses. We can assist you with your processes to bring onboard new accounts through to collecting on slower payers. Maximising your cash flows throughout the credit cycle is our priority and we offer a range of services to compliment the task at hand.

How we help

We help take the stress out of the recovery process, leaving you time to be proactive within your business.

Debt Collectors Process

A combination of communication with your debtor to obtain the best possible result

Find a Debtor

We subscribe to various credible search engines to assist with locating your missing debtors.  We also utilise the services of a licensed private investigator.

Going Legal

Whilst we do have an associated law firm and recommend the use of QR Lawyers, you are welcome to nominate your preferred provider.

Serve Your Debtor

We have access to a number of registered providers to serve your needs across most of Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions asked & answered regarding our collection processes