Credit & Collection Solutions
About This Project

Along with debt collection services, we also offer general advise for the small business owner.

Small businesses need to be particularly active when it comes to debt collection. A single unpaid invoice can have serious ramifications if not dealt with accordingly and in a timely manner.    Below is some basic information that can assist you when invoicing your clients.


  • Is your ABN on the invoice?
  • Are your contact details easily seen?
  • Are your banking details on the invoice?
  • Is the GST portion calculated correctly
  • Are the debtors name and contact details correct?
  • Have you detailed the work completed?
  • Are your payment terms highlighted?


Whilst the above information may seem obvious to some, it is interesting to see the number of matters we receive that do not have these basics included.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can assist you.