Our History

Business Credit Solutions Pty Ltd was formed in 2014 arising from a need from time-poor business owners with growing accounts receivable concerns. We recognised there was a need to engage with them and teach them about better onboarding processes right the way through the credit cycle to minimise their risk and maximise their returns. Putting it simply we offer strategies from the moment you engage with a customer right throughout the buying process to ensure positive customer engagement and the fastest payment times. You must prioritise customers and offer simplified up to the minute processes in order to have the winning edge over your competitors.  We can speak to you over the telephone, zoom or meet with you to discuss your current processes and we can partner with you to ensure you are improving your bottom line.
Repaid! Collections is the collection arm of our business. Sometimes things don’t go to plan and having the fallback of a trusted and reputable collection firm who genuinely care about your business is paramount.  We assess each matter individually and a detailed history is important to understand before any collection process begins.

 Our Purpose 
 We enable business owners to do what they do best. 

 Our Promise 
 We take the worry out of money worries.